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Saturday 20 October, 2018



Intersection of Musgrave Street and Douglas Street, Kirra, outside the 'Nirvana by the Sea' apartments (Southern Gold Coast - QLD)


Starting Time

8.00am - Men's Division 3 (Masters C/D) - 30 min plus 2 laps

8.40am - Men's Divison 2 (Masters B, Elite C, U19 C) - 40 min plus 2 laps

9.30am - Steelers Exhibition Criterium - 25 minutes plus 2 laps

10.00am – Kid's Ride - 'Kids on 2 Wheels Challenge'

10.15am - Women's Open (Women A/B) - 35 min plus 2 laps

10.16am - Women's Division 2 (Women C/D) - 30 min plus 2 laps

11.00am - Men's Open (Elite A/B, Masters A, U19 A/B) - 50 min plus 2 laps



1.2km criterium ‘hot dog’ circuit

Click here for Course Description and Map



Entry for division races is open to Cycling Australia (CA) members only. To obtain Cycling Australia (CA) Membership click here.



Men's Division 3 (30 minutes plus 2 laps) - Masters C/D

Men's Division 2 (40 minutes plus 2 laps) - Masters B, Elite C, U19 C, U17 Men

Women's Open (35 minutes plus 2 laps) - Women A/B

Women's Division 2 (30 min plus 2 laps) - Women C/D

Men's Open (50 minutes plus 2 laps) - Elite A/B, Masters A, U19 A/B



Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd position in each Division and in addition:

- 1st Men's Masters A and Elite B in Men's Open

- 1st Women's B in Women's Open

- 1st Women's D in Women's Division 2

- 1st Men's Masters D in Men's Division 3


Sprinters Jersey

Points are awarded for 3 intermediate sprints throughout each race. Points are awarded as follows: 5 for first place, 3 for second place and 2 for third place. The rider with the most points at the conclusion of the race will be awarded the Sprinters Jersey. In the case of multiple riders on the same points, the highest placed rider at the finish will be declared the winner.


Rider Information

Kirra Criterium Classic Competitor Handbook



Start List

Kirra Criterium Classic Start List (revised)



Additional Events

Kids on 2 Wheels Challenge

Steelers Exhibition Criterium


The Kirra Criterium Classic is conducted with the support of the Murwillumbah Cycle Club







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